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What can we do for you?

What can we do for you?

Our practice offers professional advice and documentation in the following disciplines:

Marketing and strategic plans

Quality assurance systems to ISO 9001 - 2008


Procedure and ops manual

Performance audits of contracts and organisations

OH&S systems to AS 4801 - 2001

Environmental management systems  to ISO 14001 - 2004

Risk management systems to ISO 31001 - 2009

Health care standards

Our clients span the logistics, consultancy, horticulture, agricultural, motoring, healthcare, pharmaceutical, media, adventure tourism and charitable organisation business sectors.

Marketing and Strategic Plans

We can assist you to plan the development of your business, providing easy-to-understand planning documents which plot the agreed strategies for launching a product or service, or expanding your business.

These plans blend our experience with your practical knowledge and provide you with a blueprint for change. Normally we assist you with implementation and the ongoing audit of your progress. You aren't simply left to proceed alone.

The development of any plan includes consultation with stakeholders, clients and other advisers. Our aim is simply to achieve the best result for you.

We have extensive experience in designing distribution systems for products and services throughout Australia.

Quality Assurance (ISO  9001 - 2008)

We offer a number of services in this area including a gap analysis to determine a companies current level of compliance to ISO 9001-2008. In this document we also address system improvement opportunities which we believe should be considered by the client. At the end of this process you are provided with a task list of policy procedures and forms that are required for compliance.

Our staff can develop this documentation in consultation with your management team to encourage the development of the quality culture. Company processes are often refined and efficiencies realised during this process. The end result is a practical suite of documents including quality manual, policy and procedures and forms.

We encourage a practical common sense approach to compliance that focuses on tailoring the system to meet the size and type of operation undertaken by your company. Systems are operational in a wide range of industries from health care, construction, waste management, transport, automotive and retail to consultants in learning institutions and horticulture.

Procedure and Operations Manuals

Sick of large A4 manuals which use many pages to transfer the most simple concepts, difficult-to-read, clumsy-to-use and almost impossible to understand?

Our EASI (Easy Access Systems Information) format may suit you. Spine-bound A5/A4 booklets combine easy-to-understand instructions with information on forms to use, next steps, filing and other complementary procedures.

Performance Audits and Business Diagnostic Reports

Is the corporation we contracted doing what they are supposed to do? Is your company operating as efficiently as it should? Are your business systems in order and compliant with current legislation? Questions which haunt any manager.

Often an outsider can see what is really happening to your company and where the improvements can be made. We provide detailed audit plans, working with your staff to identify the problems. Our job is to help resolve the issues facing your company and provide recommended strategies to allow your organisation to move forward.

Both private and public enterprise use our performance audits as a tool to enhance their business operations.

OH&S Management Systems to AS4801-2001

The requirement of the OH &S Acts of each State and Territory, Workers Compensation legislation, and the management strategies of AS 4801-2001 are considered in our systems. Safely management systems to meet specific requirements of government agencies are also an area where we have considerable experience. e.g. Energy Australia, NSW Maritime Services and Disability ACT.

We are actively involved in hazard identification, risk assessment and the development of controls for training and audit strategies. We focus on working with your staff and management to develop practical strategies to address OH&S responsibilities.

Policies and procedures are developed to suit your companies size, the industry in which it operates and the hazards faced by staff and contractors. Safe work method statements and management plans detail how compliance will be achieved.

Systems have been developed for health care organisations, waste management, manufacturing, transport, recreational sports, service industries, automotive repair, consultancies, pharmaceutical and construction industries.

Environmental Management Systems (ISO 14001-2004)

We can assist you with developing an environmental management system that complies with ISO 14001-2004 and associated environmental statutes. This process included the identification of the environmental aspects impacting on your operation. We then prepare a risk register and establish the relevant controls, training supervision and audit strategies for compliance. Our systems are operational in transport, recycling, health care, waste management manufacturing and service industries.

Risk Management Systems (AS 31001-2009)

The management of financial social, social, physical and intellectual property risks is a critical element of modern business which many people overlook. Insurance companies, government agencies and large corporate partners are moving to ISO 31001 - 2009. The process of developing a risk management plan does not need to be complicated. There are simple evaluation and treatment strategies which can be useful for compliance. 

The process requires some simple analysis, the detailing of the controls required to treat the identified risk.

Health Care Standards

Management systems have been developed for compliance with Health & Community Care (HACC) standards, National Disability Service Standards (NDSS), Disability Employment Standards (DES),  National Community Housing Standards (HCHS) and Registered Training Organisations (RTO).

Easy to use, and always accessible, the EASI has been successfully implemented in forty companies.

Integrated Management Systems

Development of policy and procedures which are composed as one system, not a series of segregated plans.